From The Sea Jewelry
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder............Behold, the sea...


Saying that "sea glass" is  "just glass"  is like saying that a diamond is just a " rock".   It takes decades for the interaction of the ocean and the sand to produce a piece of glass that is of jewelry quality. When you own sea glass jewelry,  you not only own jewelry, but also a piece of history.  It is also becoming more rare each day due to recycling and the use of plastics.

  My journey began several years ago when my wife developed an interest in sea glass jewelry. She began to purchase it from sites  on the Internet. Then, I came to appreciate the beauty, history and uniqueness of  sea glass, and the jewelry that could be made from it. I took wire wrapping classes and began to make jewelry for my wife from pieces that we had found. We are avid scuba divers and have been to many of the islands of the Caribbean over the past 30  years.  My wife started asking me to make gifts for her friends and family.  While wearing the jewelry that I  had made for her,  friends, co-workers and even strangers expressed how pretty it was, and were constantly asking her if  I was selling it.  So, after considering the time that it would take to manage a  "living web site",  I decided to offer my jewelry to those who can,  and will appreciate it.

Most often, I do not know what the finished piece will look like. When creating a piece of jewelry, whether it is of sea glass, shells, or other treasures that we have collected on the beach,  I let the shape of the piece and the creative process  determine the finished product. I hope that you will li ke my creations.

We live in Greenville, South Carolina and have careers, so our trips to the islands and beaches are limited, but we do go as often as possible. 

A portion of  each sale will be donated to the South Carolina Aquarium’s,  Sea Turtle Rescue Program. We would like to ask that you also commit yourself to the conservation and renewal of our planet, our oceans and coral reefs.   

Ben and Denise  Pearsall, 

"From The Sea Jewelry",  is  a proud member of the "North American Sea Glass Association".


Ben A. Pearsall
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